Tuesday, November 26, 2013

St. Augustine Art and Craft Festival

Karen and Mark Tuttle, Jewlers

This week we are highlighting artists participating in the 48th Annual St. Augustine Art & Craft Festival, this Saturday & Sunday in St. Augustine, FL. www.staugustineartfestival.com

Artists Karen & Mark Tuttle
Artists: Karen and Mark Tuttle, Jewlers
Location: St. Petersburg, FL

How did you get your start as an artist?
14 years ago Karen and Mark began their training in sculptured jewelry. After honing their craft for four years, and getting involved in a local craft show, the Tuttles began applying to, and getting accepted by, fine art shows.

The Tuttles began participating in festivals about 10 years ago. They enjoy the process of creating awe-inspiring creations.  “Customers can tell the difference between passion and someone who is just trying to get by,” said Tuttle.

Advice to artists just starting out?
Their advice to young artists is to bring their passion and commitment to the craft, and a healthy dose of financial pragmatism.  “An artist has to have the passion, learn their craft, ask questions, and don’t get too financially involved until you know for sure you have the passion and commitment. If you have passion and commitment, success will come,” said Tuttle.

Monday, November 25, 2013

St. Augustine Art and Craft Festival

Adam Newman, Sculptor

This week we are highlighting artists participating in the 48th Annual St. Augustine Art & Craft Festival, this Saturday & Sunday in St. Augustine, FL. www.staugustineartfestival.com

"Sporty" by sculptor Adam Newman
Artist: Adam Newman, Sculptor
Location: Suwanee, GA

Come and see Adam demonstrate the art of sculpture at his booth, #E2, 3:30-4:00pm Saturday, November 30.

What makes participating in a festival different than a gallery?
Newman began participating in art festivals about 10 years ago. He enjoys participating in art shows because of the opportunity to interact with people viewing his work, which in turn becomes part of the creative process. “Sometimes at an art show I will pick a person and make a little something for them free of charge. It’s worth it just to see them leave happier than when they got there,” said Newman.

He creates his sculptures of fish, lizards and other creatures from copper wire and other materials and draws his inspiration from the materials themselves. “Sometimes it’s the shape and scale of the objects that dictates where the pieces is going. Some of the spontaneous pieces are really neat because they just kind of happen on their own,” explains Newman.

Words of Wisdom?
His advice to young artists is to enjoy the creative process and not worry about perfection. “Just go for a smile and let it happen,” he advises. “You never know when an unexpected mistake or uncontrolled happening of reality put forth by an errant brushstroke can be a happy accident.”

Sunday, November 24, 2013

St. Augustine Art and Craft Festival

Lawrence Packard, Illustrator

This week we are highlighting artists participating in the 48th Annual St. Augustine Art & Craft Festival, this Saturday & Sunday in St. Augustine, FL. www.staugustineartfestival.com

Artist Lawrence Packard
Artist: Lawrence Packard, Illustrator
Location: Pensacola, FL

Come and see Lawrence demonstrate the art of marine illustration at his booth, #K7, 11:30 to noon, Sunday, December 1.

What draws you to participate in art festivals? 
Packard began participating in art festivals with his wife in 2003. Originally from New Orleans, Packard’s home and studio, along with years of collected art work, were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Rather than rebuild, he and his wife bought a motor home and expanded their art show schedule to include shows from Maine to Key West, participating in about 20-24 fine art shows per year.

How did you get your start as an artist?
Packard began drawing in 1968, he was a with a Combat Air Control team in Vietnam. In an era before camera phones, Packard sketched the scenes he saw to capture them. Stationed near the South China Sea, he sketched the local fishing boats. “They were small, single sail sampans, but they had character. In spite of their rag-tag appearance, they were graceful under sail,” Packard recalls.

After discharge from the Air Force, he began drawing sailing ships using nautical charts as canvas. Packard created his work at Jackson Square, in New Orleans, giving people the opportunity to appreciate not just the work, but the creative process. “I had my spot on the ‘fence’ and like all of the artists on the square at that time, I created my work right there,” said Packard.

While creating the work is a reward unto itself, Packard enjoys seeing the different ways that his work connects with viewers. A map may depict an area special to them, or a ship may be a story brought to life. “The most memorable was an old gentleman who started crying in my tent at the Krasl Art show In St. Joseph, Michigan. The ship I had drawn was lost in a storm over 80 years before – it had been his ship. The story I told was of one survivor – it was his story,” said Packard. 

Words of Wisdom for young artists?
His advice to young artists is to have a passion for what you do, don’t ever give up, adapt to the situation at hand and it will help you to overcome obstacles. “Last and most important, my wife and I have been together for almost 50 years. Find the right person to share your art and your life,” he advises.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

St. Augustine Art and Craft Festival


Artist: Susan McDonald, Botanical Illustrator

We all love to go to art festivals and admire the work, but what is the process behind the beautiful work on display?

This week we  highlight artists who will demonstrate their skills and creative process during the 48th Annual St. Augustine Art & Craft Festival, this Saturday & Sunday in St. Augustine, FL. www.staugustineartfestival.com/

Artist Susan Mc Donald
Artist: Susan McDonald, Botanical Illustrator
Location: Fleming Island, FL


Come and see Susan demonstrate the art of botanical illustration at her booth, #O5, Saturday November 30, from 2:00-2:30.

What do you enjoy most about participating in art festivals?
McDonald began participating in festivals three years ago, and enjoys the opportunity to offer reasonably priced artwork of images that resonate with the viewer.  “I enjoy talking with people about the plants and seeing viewers recognize ones that they have seen before in the wild,” said McDonald.

Why Botanical Illustration?
McDonald was drawn to botanical illustration after receiving her undergraduate degree in biology.  It is an art form that dates back several hundred years, and while its main purpose is to portray plants for scientific purposes, it is a place where the arts and the sciences truly unite.

Words of Wisdom for young artists?
Her advice to young artists is to have two careers - one as a way to make money for a few years and the other to make art.  “I finished an undergraduate degree in biology and used my science background to teach school … the B.A. degree helped me to negotiate the early financial requirements of independent living and the cost of art supplies,” said McDonald.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Viva Florida!

Winners from Viva Florida Our popular Viva Florida show had more entries than ever this year. This annual show which celebrates all the sights that are uniquely Florida will hang in our Main and South Galleries through the end of December. Many thanks to Larry Moore for lending us his talents and judging the show. Larry is a devoted naturalist who's career spans more than thirty years and dozens of awards. You can view Larry's work on his website Larrymoorestudios.com.

And the winners are...

Best of Show, Jean Wagner Troemel Award:
Gene Roberds, Bromeliads and Maples
Diane Bradley, Gene Roberds, Jean Wagner Troemel
First Place: Roger Bansemer, The White Mansion
Second Place: Cindy Wilson, Burned Pine Forest

Third Place: Marla Pennington,
Sea Turtles on Crescent Beach
Fourth Place: Mary Rhopa la Cierra,
Mappa Santo Augustine 1777 NU View
Honorable Mention:
Martin Gould, Old Back Street
Honorable Mention:
Nancy Hamlin-Vogler, Water/Sky IX: Tidal
Not Pictured: Honorable Mentions Theodore Morris, Pedro Menendez de Aviles
& Susan Moxon, Shell Bluff Park.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

12th Annual Tactile Show

October shows at the St. Augustine Art Association

Our 12th Annual Tactile Art Show is up! Many thanks for our judge, Janine Regina for lending us her talents to judge the show, and our Show Chair, Sandy Maddox for coordinating the receiving of the art work and presenting the awards.

In addition to our Tactile Show, we have a retrospective exhibit of works by Bruce Minney and a solo show of works by Sharon Goldman entitled "Lighter than Air".

Stop by and see us! We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 12-4pm and Sunday 2-5pm.

Winners from the Tactile Show  

Best of Show, Jean Wagner Troemel Award: Amy Dove, "Love Bubbles"
First Place: Paul Slava, "Jaques Cousteau is Dead"
Second Place: Diane von Ahlefield, "Eve"

Third Place: Rhonda Bristol, "Naeemah"

Nancy Garrard Award for Best Fiber Art: Rebecca E'Elena, "Buffalo Quilt"
Honorable Mention: Margaret Pelton, "Old Man"
Honorable Mention: Peter Blunt, "Harry the Hairy Table"
Honorable Mention: Sam Newstadt, "Into the Hole"
Honorable Mention: Tina Minahan, "Surf's Up!"

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Annual Fall Members Show

Our Annual Fall Members Show kicked off with First Friday Art Walk last Friday. We had a great evening, with live music provided by Ed Matlin, our wonderful First Friday Hospitality Volunteers and Docents making sure that everyone had plenty of hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

We were privileged to have Sara Pedigo, an artist from St. Augustine and Associate Professor at Flagler College judge the show, and Joan and Bob Dorill, active members of the St. Augustine Art Association for many years, as our exhibit chairs.

The Annual Members Show will be up through Sunday September 29. Come by and see us!

Best of Show Jean Wagner Tromel Award: Stephen Paul Garsh "Dunbarton, New Hampshire"

First Place: Ryan Flannery "Distant Thunder"
Second Place: Betty Morris Parker "Evergreen World"

Third Place: Ed Hall "Remmy in Blue"
Fourth Place: Jerry Noloboff "Media Cabinet"

Friday, August 2, 2013

Flower Power!

We had a wonderful opening night reception and awards dinner for our Nature and Wildlife show. Many thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who made this event so much fun for our guests, as well as the volunteers who received all the art work and did such a beautiful job installing the show. The Nature and Wildlife Exhibit will be up through the end of August so please come down to the gallery and take a look - it's a show not to be missed!

Just a few of our wonderful volunteers- Many Thanks!

And some of our wonderful guests... we hope you had fun!

Many thanks as well to our Sponsor Partners - Audubon Florida, Kenwood Inn, Ross & Springhorn CPAs, the St. Augustine Record, and the St. John's County Tourist Development Council.

We were fortunate to that Paul and Emily were able to attend our event to present the Second Place, Ross & Springhorn CPAs award.
Paul & Emily with our Board President, Diane Bradley

The evening's entertainment was provided by the Leelynn Osborn Jazz Combo - great music for the 1960s theme of the party!

The award winners for this show come from across the country, but a few were able to come and accept their awards in person.

David Millman won an Artistic Merit Award for "Mushroom with Dangles"

Pauline Dickson won the Jean Troemel Award for "Marsh Resident"
Serge Orgunov won First Place for "Awaiting"
Diane Travis won our People's Choice award for "Out of the Darkness"

The Nature and Wildlife Exhibit will be up through August 31.
We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 12-4pm, Sunday 2-5pm. The gallery is closed Mondays. Admission is free. We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Viva Espana!

Viva Espana!

We had a wonderful celebration of Florida's Quincentennial at the St. Augustine Art Association last Thursday. Thank you to the many volunteers who made this evening so enjoyable and such a success. A special thank you to Nanette Phillips for her beautiful decorations!

In addition to enjoying the sounds and flavors of Spain during this festive evening, StAAA spotlighted "What Flows From Spain," a new installation by Cuban-American artist Elio Beltran. This exhibit has been extended through June 3. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

What Flows From Spain

An Exhibit of Works by Elio Beltran, April 5 - June 3.

The St. Augustine Art Association is privileged to host an exhibit by Elio Beltran celebrating the 450th anniversary of St. Augustine.  Elio’s large scale works, in several different medium, can be found in the Marguerita Phillips now through April 28th.

Born in 1929, Elio started to paint with oils at age twelve in his native Cuba after receiving drawing instructions from a distinguished art professor from San Alejandro School of Art in Havana.

Speaking about the works displayed in his current exhibit, Elio says, “I feel extremely privileged to participate with my works in the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Florida and the 450th commemoration of St. Augustine’s founding. It was a difficult process creating works that honor the memory of such important events and human beings. I drew inspiration from the sea and wind as the protagonists in the making of our history and in the making of these paintings. In doing so, this exhibition reflects what the waters brought to our shores and the bridge of culture that endures through generations. I believe these flowing waters manifested an inconceivable human development far beyond the motivations for wealth and power and the resulting connections will continue to evolve and endure in the most positive of human endevors.”